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woensdag 13 januari 2016


Hi guys, how are you? Today I wanted to show you my nightstand, just because I personally think it's so cute!! I always enjoy decorating my room, is it just me? Haha. Hope you're having an amazing week so far. Almost w e e k e n d :). I'm going to Morocco tomorrow because of some family stuff and I'm quite excited, although it's not really for an exciting reason. Ofcourse I will be taking as much pictures as I possibly can and post them when I get back. Also, I will be posting more on my blog so stay tuned! Seee youu xx

Nightstand itself // Kwantum
Mason jar with copper lid // Xenos
Candle holder 'good vibes' // Xenos
Lipbalm // The body shop
Notebook // Hema

donderdag 31 december 2015

Fall/winter outfit

Hi! Here are some pictures of my outfit. Hope you like 'em :)

I have a video on this outfit, you can check it out here. Have a nice day!

xoxo yasmine

woensdag 30 december 2015

Breakfast at ikea

This morning we went for breakfast at ikea and I really enjoyed it! Set my alam at 9(!!!!) o'clock to get there in time...  But I guess it was worth it, haha.

(someone please buy me this lamp I need it omg!!!!!!!)

It's actually time for lunch while I'm writing this. Thinking of making some bagels with cream cheese.. I guess you'll see pictures if I end up making them hahaha. Hope you all have a nice day!!

xoxo yasmine

dinsdag 29 december 2015

Hiii :)

Hi! I’m Yasmine and I’m a fourteen year old fashionaddict. I have always wanted to make blog, so, here I am! I love taking photos with my camera, watch series and be on instagram and tumblr. I will be posting a lot of my taken photos and fashion related things on this blog (outfit posts, trends etc.), but also some personal stuff if I feel like it. I guess we’ll just see how it goes, haha. Hope you’ll enjoy it! If you have any requests, let me know in the comments. Have a nice day and I’ll see you soon!